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Post cycle therapy (PCT) measures aimed at the rapid restoration of endogenous (own) testosterone production after taking anabolic steroids (AS), in order to minimize the phenomenon of rollback – loss of muscle mass and strength after AS and others negative consequences of taking anabolic steroids. steroids.

The process of coming back is inevitable, and whether that is more or less the case is entirely up to you and your actions after class – in other words – you take a PCT.

Properly performed PCT wrap will roll back and help retain most of the muscle mass gained during the cycle. But if you act wrongly, or worse, if you do nothing, you will lose much or all of what you have gained. PCT should always be done no matter how easy or weak the course is.

Some sources on the Internet suggest that PCT is not required if the course of steroids is “first” or if the duration of the course has not exceeded 6 weeks and the drugs have not been “heavy”. .

This is a very dangerous illusion that can lead to dire consequences:

The development of gynecomastia after the course,
Long recovery from the body’s (own) hormone production and loss of all gained muscle mass,
Change in hormone balance towards estrogen and subsequent weight gain after exercise.
Low libido (problems with erection) after exercise

Our body is a complex self-regulating system

Our body is a complex self-regulating system

Absolutely all anabolic steroids are nothing more than a synthetic analogue of the male sex hormone testosterone or its derivatives, which act in the human body in the same way as the hormones produced by the endocrine glands.

Our body is a complex self-regulating system and parts of the brain such as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland are responsible for regulating natural testosterone (sex hormone) levels and the testicles are responsible for its production. (so-called hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles (HG))

Testosterone levels are regulated by a feedback mechanism. Basically, when there is a lot of testosterone (sex hormones) in the body (and when taking anabolic steroids, the level of testosterone rises much more than natural values), the hypothalamus gives an “order” to the pituitary gland, which in turn gives an “order” to the testicles ” to contract, and if the course is “severe” or prolonged, then the subsequent cessation of testosterone production (complete or partial atrophy of the testicles (subatrophy)). It also slows down spermatogenesis. This is one of the reasons some people notice their testicles getting smaller during AS sessions.

Testicular atrophy
As mentioned above, long-term, high-dose use of exogenous testosterone can result in complete or partial atrophy of the testicles.

Complete testicular atrophy is irreversible. This leads to infertility and stopping the production of your own testosterone and spermatogenesis. Having “acquired” complete atrophy, you will be forced to inject exogenous testosterone for the rest of your life.

You don’t have to worry about atrophy. You can still prevent testicular atrophy by taking appropriate medication, which will be discussed.

Subatrophy (partial atrophy) is a reversible process that can be blocked by buying gonadotropin. With partial atrophy after the cancellation of AS, after some time the functionality of the testicles is fully restored. However, the recovery process should not be left to chance. If this process is not stimulated, the recovery lines will be significantly delayed, which will directly affect post-course recovery.

When you use steroids that tend to aromatize, ie convert to estrogens, the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular arch is suppressed many times more. Because high estrogen levels are an additional signal for the hypothalamus to reduce testosterone production.

It should also be borne in mind that there are steroids that do not aromatize but strongly suppress the production of testosterone. These include nandrolone and trenbolone, both of which are progestins, meaning they don’t convert to estrogen, but can bind to progesterone receptors in the pituitary gland, thereby inhibiting the production of testosterone.

After three half-lives of the active substance, the steroid completely stops acting in the body.

After three half-lives of the active substance, the steroid completely stops acting in the body.


You cannot start Post Cycle Therapy until the effect of the steroid on the body has stopped!

As a rule, after three half-lives of the active substance, the steroid completely stops acting in the body. (Half-life multiplied by 3). With oral steroids, the duration of action does not exceed 48 hours. That is, the start of PCT after oral steroids should be two days after taking the last pill.

In oil-based AS, PCT with antiestrogen should be started considering the following conditions to completely eliminate steroids from the body:

  • Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) – 24 Days
  • Boldenone (rest) – 27 days
  • Trenbolone Acetate – 3 Days.
  • Primobolan (methenolone anthate) – 18
  • Sustanon or Omnadren (Testosterone Blend) – 24 days
  • Testosterone Cypionate – 21 Days
  • Testosterone Enanthate – 18 Days
  • Testosterone Propionate – 6 Days
  • Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (Phenyl) – 9 Days

You have to understand: that the complete elimination time of the steroid (we are now talking about drugs with a half-life of 5 days or more) also depends on the dose and duration of the drug. For example, if you administer Testosterone Enanthate at a dose of 250 mg for 8 weeks, after three weeks the testosterone levels will be low and you can already start PCT. How about 1000mg? 3 weeks after the last session, testosterone levels are still high! And there’s no point in starting the PCT! If you start PCT before the effects of the steroid wear off, recovery simply will not occur.

It is better to do tests for total testosterone after the course of long esters and after the approximate time of stopping the drug to determine the level of sex hormones and understand whether it is already possible to start PCT with antidepressants. -Estrogens, or is it worth waiting for. The approximate testosterone levels at which to start PCT are 5-6 nanomoles or less. If testosterone levels are in the 10nM trend, start post-cycle therapy earlier.

The tests also help to identify problems with estrogen imbalance, which at values ​​​​above the norm interferes with the restoration of the “HGA arc” and normalizes them with the help of Anastrozole, Proviron. or cabergoline. When treating with long-acting steroids, it is recommended to end treatment on a “short” tune.

An example of an exit course for a short program

An example of an exit course for a short program

After a course where long-acting steroids were used – ether chains: enanthate, cypionate, decanoate, undecanoate, undecylenate, before starting PCT, it is necessary to “leave” the course for a short ester – testosterone propionate (manual). Why, we have described in the example that you will find below.

An example of an exit course for a short program:
Let’s say you use testosterone enanthate for 8 weeks at 250mg per week. After the last injection, the concentration of exogenous testosterone will gradually decrease over 3 weeks. After a week, half of the dose used will be circulating in the blood. In a week “half” “half”. etc. It looks like all you have to do is wait 3 weeks and you can start PCT. But it won’t be fair.

The half-lives, especially with long cycles, will overlap and exogenous testosterone levels after three weeks will still be high enough to initiate PCT.

Also, if a large dose is used, say 500mg, low testosterone after 3 weeks is out of the question.

Given this feature of “long” esters, it is very difficult to determine “by eye” the period after which the ether will completely cease to act while in the body. Therefore, after a week (the half-life of enanthate is 6-7 days), we begin to inject testosterone propionate for the residual effect of enanthate – 3 weeks (approximately).

In this way, we maintain “working” blood levels of testosterone, which allows us to continue training at the same intensity, at least without losing weight and strength, and ideally we will continue to progress.

The half-life of “propik” is one day. That is, after the last injection, the concentration of testosterone will rapidly fall. And after 6-8 days there will be enough (“by eye”) to start PCT with antiestrogen. In order to accurately determine whether it is possible to start treatment, it is necessary to pass an analysis on the level of sex hormones.

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